Setting Goals for the Life You Want Now

We have all heard that setting goals is a good thing and will lead you to success.  

Setting goals will lead you to success, right?

We have all heard this before and truly believe that our life will be perfect once we reach those goals.  So, determined and dedicated people make plans every day.  They work hard and stay focused until for years to obtain their goals.  Then what? 

Goal setters know how to stay on track and obtain their goals.  They are the go-getters and high achievers.  Sometimes, they even reach those goals and their life is still NOT perfect.  They still do not have the life and business they want! 

So, let’s take a few minutes, before we sprint towards our lifelong goals, and make sure we set the right goals.

What is the reason you are setting your goal? 

Are you just focusing on the destination, or the journey?  Make sure you are enjoying your life along the way, not putting it on hold until you achieve your goal.

Make your journey an actual goal.

  • What would be making my life more meaningful and enjoyable?
  • What do you like to learn?
  • Who do you like to be around? Talk to? 
  • Who you would like to work with? (You can actually make this a choice, I do!)
  • What makes you jump out of bed in the morning anxious to get started on?
  • How do you want to spend your time?


This is the time to set your goal! 

  • State your goal in POSITIVE terms.
  • Write your goals in the PRESENT tense, as if you have already obtained them.
  • Make your goal PERSONAL about you, not someone else.
  • Be PRECISE in describing clearly what you want.
  • Give yourself a reality check and make sure your goals are POSSIBLE.
  • Use your emotion and your passion to make your goals POWERFUL.

Design your goal around your journey.  By the way, the actual goal is NOT the main focus; it is simply guiding you in a specific direction.  With an enjoyable journey, the goal becomes less significant!

Be Flexible! 

If your goal is not working for you, you are free to change it.  Your true goal is to create a meaningful life…and that starts with the journey!  Choose a goal that acts as your compass to start living your meaningful life NOW!  It is not necessarily about where you end up, it is about the quality of the journey!


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