Makeup Spring Cleaning Tips

Avon Makeup Spring Cleaning Tips

Poor makeup maintenance can harm your skin.  So, kick off spring with a Makeup Spring Cleaning!

Get it TogetherFive your morning makeup routine a good spring cleaning!  Out with the old and in with the new & fabulous!  Get organized with an Avon Beauty Caddy!

Right on Point—Sharpening pencil liners helps renew and refresh the tips and keeps them clean and pointy with Avon 3-in-1 Sharpener

Brush it Off—Deep clean your brushes with gentle soap or baby shampoo.  Rub in the palm of your hand to remove buildup.  Shop the full line of Avon Pro Makeup Brushes.

Lip Service—Freshen up your lipstick by swiping a tissue or cotton swab across the top layer.  Start of spring fresh with Avon Ultra Color Lipstick.

Lash Out—Replace your mascara every 3 months to prevent drying and clumping, for an optimally smooth application.  Our fav, Avon Big & False Mascara with a fiber-blended formula that doubles the look of lashes and layers onto lashes smoothly.


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