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Welcome, our fabulous CJ Team customers.   We appreciate YOU and want to give the YOU  ULTIMATE in Avon Customer Service.  Every two weeks, Avon releases a new Avon Campaign.  Each new Avon Campaign is loaded with Avon Exclusives that are only available through Avon or your Avon Representative.  You can shop Avon’s great sales, new products and bargains abound in jewelry, bath & body, skincare, makeup, fragrances, home décor, children’s items, and more.  The Avon Outlet book is a great place to find amazing deals on your Avon favorites.  You will find the best deals from previous Avon Brochures, mark. Magalogs, Specialty Flyers and Avon Living.  The discontinued and out of season products in the Avon Outlet brochure are discounted, clearance priced and “while supplies last.”  So shop early since many of the best-selling products will sell out quickly due to the unbeatable prices!  Click the links below to the current Avon Brochures.

Click here to browse the current Avon Outlet Book Online.

Why Shop Avon Online with The CJ Team?

  1. Avon Online Coupon Codes. Save big by using a coupon code ALONG with most of our online Avon products to save you even more with Avon Online Direct Delivery Orders.

  2. With each Avon Online Direct Delivery Order placed on our website, you will receive 2 FREE Avon Brochures mailed directly to you, courtesy of the CJ Team!

  3. The CJ Team Online Store is available to shop when you are, from where you are 24/7/365. You can shop from the comfort of your own home, couch or even lounging in bed! 

  4. Free Shipping with an order of $40+ ANYTIME at http://cjteam.avonrepresentative.com and delivery directly to your door!

  5. Join our FREE Email List to stay informed of our current specials and exclusive coupon codes.

  6. ALL order Avon Personal Delivery & Avon Online Direct Delivery Orders of $25 or more will be entered into a drawing for a FREE Exclusive Avon Gift Bag ONLY available from The CJ Team!

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  • Shop my Avon eStore – browse by makeup, skin care, fragrance and more.  Make sure you check out the SALE link for all of our current deals.
  • Shop my Avon Online Brochure – check out the Avon Online Brochure and add items to your shopping bag as you browse the catalog.  If you would like to receive the Avon brochure in the mail, just place an order on my website.  You will automatically be added to my mailing list to receive the next two Avon brochures directly mailed to you!
  • Shop by Avon Product Number Online – Have your products picked and and ready to order?  This is a great option!  This site will also allow you to order out of the current Avon brochure as well as back order from the two previous Avon campaigns.

Click here to browse the current Avon Outlet Book Online.

Click Here to Browse the Current Avon Brochure

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