Partner with a company that supports a great cause

Partner with a company that supports a great cause!

The CJ Team are looking for serious minded partners

Are you looking to partner with a company and team that supports a great cause?

Join The CJ Team and AVON as we Speak Out Against Domestic Violence.

Let’s Empower Women Together!

Schedule Your Online Appointment @ ~ Ref. Code: CJTEAM

Partner with a company that supports a great cause...

Schedule Your Online Appointment @

1 in 3 women worldwide will experience partner violence in her life.

Silence surrounds partner abuse.  The Avon Foundation created See the Signs & Speak Out: Become an Upstander, a training program to help people recognize the signs of abuse and learn what to do to help.

At Avon, we believe that when women are empowered, they can make their dreams a beautiful reality.  Let’s empower women together.  Learn more @

Your purchase of Avon Empowerment Products supports Speak Out Against Domestic Violence programs.

Your partnering with The CJ Team starts YOUR beautiful dream a reality.  Schedule your Online Appointment TODAY to get started!

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